Covid-19 virus, lockdowns & social distancing is forcing everybody to do business online.

The reality today is that anybody that wants to do serious business online, needs a website, combined with serious online advertising. And right now, millions of Naira are exchanging hands daily between web designers, digital advertising agencies, and clients. And you can get your own share from this booming business without any previous experience required.

Discover how you can earn over N200,000 - N500,000 monthly from this business without any previous experience. You do not even need to know how to design websites or any of those technical kinds of stuff we do. 

Everything you need to know and do is well explained on this page. And this could change your life forever if you are willing to do what it takes...

Why is this business booming so much?

It's very simple, Coronavirus, lockdowns and social distancing is forcing everyone to do business online, everybody needs a website and online advertising to survive today, from individuals to start-ups, small, medium, well-established businesses, everybody needs an online presence to survive today.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the coronavirus "may never go away".
Nobody knows when the next lock-down will happen, so businesses don't want to risk not having a website or a good online presence.

Online sales grew by 76% in a few months,
people prefer to shop online, we have built more eCommerce stores in a few months this year alone than we built for the past 2 years combined, the demand for websites has increase by over 200%. Buyers prefer to buy online, so web design and online advertising business is booming.

Website designers, digital marketers, and online advertising companies are making millions of Naira right now while many people are struggling to survive, many people have lost their jobs and many more may still lose their jobs because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 

But in this business it's the exact opposite, just like doctors and medical practitioners are regarded as essential workers because they are needed during this time, so are website designers, digital marketers, and online advertising companies. Businesses need us to survive.

You can earn over N200,000 - N500,000 monthly, by reselling our Web design and Digital marketing products & services.

You can start your own profitable web design and digital marketing business without any previous experience, we will show everything you need to know to get started.

  • You do not need to know how to design websites or coding to start this profitable business.

  • You do not need to register a company to start making money.

  • You do not need an office or hire staffs/workers.

  • We have simplified the entire process, so you can join and start earning immediately. Continue reading below to understand how it works.

How it works

Our primary mission is to provide Nigerian businesses with professional, commercial websites, and digital marketing services that help them get more customers, and businesses are willing to pay to get customers on a consistent basis.

And you can start your own profitable web design and online advertising business by becoming our reseller, it's simple, you bring clients, we do the work and you get to keep 30% - 50% of whatever the client pays. 

For example, you bring a client that needs a website of N80,000 - N150,000 and you will get to make N25,000 - N75,000 from that single client alone, the price can go higher or lower than that depending on what the client wants.

You do not need to know how to do the technical work at all.
 We handle all the technical work, you bring clients and make money. We have resellers who make over  N1.2 million per month.

The good news is that getting clients these days has become much easier because everybody needs these web services to survive, and we will show you how to get clients on a consistent basis without too much work involved.

When you become one of our resellers, you will get your own website. (Below is a screenshot of what your reseller website will look like.)

reseller website sample

Fully branded and customized website for you with your own logo and whatever name you choose with complete access to RE-SELL all our products & services, from website design, digital marketing, graphic design, online advertising, web tutorials & courses and so much more. You can make as high as N20,000 - N50,000 per client you bring in.

There are so many ways to promote your reseller website to get clients, ranging from social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp groups) to offline advertising like posters, cheap magazines, and newspaper adverts.

We will show you how to promote your reseller website and start getting clients almost immediately. For as low as N5,000 advert you can land your first client and earn your first commission of N20,000 - N50,000 or even more.

It's simple, you get to keep 50% of whatever the client is charged, our service pricing ranges from N30,000 to N500,000+

So there is no limit to what you can achieve in this business.

Who are we and why should you become our reseller?

FastNET Nigeria is a leading website design company & a major online advertising agency/Digital Marketing company in Nigeria. 

We've worked with almost everybody from start-ups to established businesses, and major corporate, financial & government agencies who rely on us to promote their business online/offline. 

We deal with a huge variety of projects and clients, We work both directly with clients and also for other agencies who need websites and branding & advertising for their own clients.

Whatever the project, we use the same production process and technology - allowing us to build everything from small business projects to enterprise-class projects for large businesses in record time.

We have worked with almost everybody from start-ups to established businesses and counting.

We are passionate about what we do, We love it and it shows, and we cannot wait to have you as one of us.

Why should you go into website design and digital marketing business?

It's Simple: The WEB industry is a BIG money business, this business was very profitable even before coronavirus, lockdowns, and social distancing and now the demand for our services is at a record high, red hot and business is booming more than ever.

Our re-sellers have made millions and millions of Naira in commissions, and you could become our next top-earning re-seller.

You don’t have to wait till you can get a loan or secure a 9AM - 5PM job, you can become your own boss today!
You can start earning money while working at your own time.

Web development services
Presently in Nigeria, there are little to NO job opportunities. The best bet for an unemployed or under-employed person is to become an entrepreneur, and multiple streams of income are the major difference between the rich and poor, rich people rely on multiple sources of income to bring in money on a consistent basis, 

relying on one source of income is a very risky thing to do... losing your single and only job or business could be disastrous.

The good news is that you can even do this as a side business and you don't need much capital or even any previous experience to start this.

You could earn N200,000 to N500,000 or more monthly re-selling our products and services, without even knowing how to design websites or other technical things we do...
(Just send the clients to us, we do the work... you earn 30% - 50% of whatever the client pays)
Web development services

Here are some real facts and statistics to consider about web design and online advertising business:

  • Clients spend millions of Naira per year on web design and digital marketing services in Nigeria alone.
  • Nigeria is Africa's largest economy and the most populated African country.
  • Nigeria still has the highest number of internet users in Africa with over 80 million users followed by Egypt, Morroco, Kenya, and South Africa.
  • Nigeria is the fastest growing mobile market in Africa, with more than 129 million active mobile subscribers.
  • Over 2,000 .ng website address/domain names are registered and renewed monthly.
  • Every domain name registered, means a new website job and digital marketing is available to web designers.
  • Google and Facebook make billions of dollars yearly from advertisers and Nigeria is still the highest spenders in Africa.
  • The list just continues... So the question is what are you waiting for?

Here are some of our best selling
products and services that you can resell:

Resell: Website Design Services

Resell: Website Design Services

Refer a Client to us for Website Design and Make N30,000 - N150,000+ Per Client
Resell: eCommerce Web Development

Resell: eCommerce Web Development

Refer a Client to us for eCommerce websites/online shopping carts and Make N40,000 - N200,000+ Per Client.
Resell: Mobile app development services

Resell: Mobile app development services

Refer a Client to us for mobile app development and make N50,000 - N250,000+ Per Client.
Resell: Google Advertising Services

Resell: Google Advertising Services

We offer complete Google advertising services (which covers Youtube, Gmail adverts etc). Google is the number one search engine in the world and everybody wants to appear on Google. Make N15,000 - N50,000+ per client you refer to us for Google adverts.
Resell: Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Resell: Facebook/Instagram Advertising

We offer complete Facebook advertising services (which covers Facebook, Instagram adverts, etc). Facebook remains the largest social network in the world and everybody wants their advert to show up on Facebook and Instagram. Make N15,000 - N50,000+ per client you refer to us for Facebook adverts.

Resell: Web Training Videos Courses

Resell: Web Training Videos Courses

Make N5,000 - N7,000 Per Video Course You Sell. Download all our training Video Courses worth over N150,000 and Sell for them for any amount of your choice! (Many people wants to learn web design and I.T skills) It's a big money business.

And so Many other Products and Services You can Re-sell

We care about our resellers, and we ensure their sites are a success.

What's the point of having a reseller website if you can't get clients...

You will get access to our blueprint guide on how to land a minimum of 10 clients online monthly without any previous experience,

Getting 10 clients a month at a commission of just N20,000 per client will make you a minimum of N200,000 monthly which is our target for new resellers in the beginning and then continue to grow to earn more. 

You will learn how to get 10 clients without leaving your current job, you can work from your home or office, working from home has never been this easy ever.

Are you looking for an online business to do that actually works, then this is it.

You can make N200,000 - N500,000 per month as a reseller, all the information you will need to achieve this amount is completely covered in our reseller blueprint guide.

Web development services
Please note that we only accept a few re-sellers every 3 months. So it's very important you register and enroll as soon as possible or you may have to wait for another 3 months before this opportunity becomes open again to the public.

This opportunity is open every 3 months only.

Yes, we do this every 3 months, we accept new reseller applications once every 3 months. We do not accept too many resellers, because we want to maximize the profit of all our current old and new re-sellers.

As a reseller, your success is our success, we are much better with 15 new re-sellers that make between N200,000 - N500,000 monthly in commissions than 100 re-sellers that makes no money.

As a reseller you will get your own website with all products and services included, you can start your own profitable web business almost immediately.

You bring clients, we do the work and you get to keep 30% - 50% of whatever the client pays.
Website Design Nigeria
And you can also keep 100% of whatever you charge the client on some of our products you resell, like training courses, etc you sell and keep 100% of the money.

Yes, we have so many training courses that sell between N5,000 - N10,000 and as a reseller, you will get access to download them and sell at any price you want and you also get to keep 100% of the money you make on these kinds of products. 

These are virtual products in form of ebooks and videos so they don't cost us anything extra to give all of them to you as a reseller. So it's an opportunity to make serious money from your new reseller website.

These training courses cover a wide range of topics like web design training, I.T skills training, training on how to make money online from other sources like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, paypal, bitcoin etc (which many people are very interested to learn).

You will get to also sell these kinds of products at any amount and keep all the money yourself.

Reviews from Our Happy Resellers.

Here are what some of our resellers have to say...
I made N140,000 from 3 clients with just N5,000 advert i placed on Jiji classified ads. I wish i started this years ago.
I placed an advert on our church bulletin for just N3,000 and I got a client who needed a school website. (The client paid N160,000 for their website and I made N80,000 as commission)
I broadcasted my adverts on many WhatsApp groups I belong to, I got some clients for web design and I sold some training guides. It's been awesome. At least I'm not broke anymore.
I spent about N7,000 on Facebook advert and I got a client of N90,000 and made a commission of N45,000 from just N7,000 advert. Thank you so much, I never knew this was possible...
I graduated from university and was jobless for years, so i had settle with a teaching job that pays peanuts, my life changed when i landed on this reseller opportunity. I made more money in the first 3 months than i have made teaching in a private school for 2 years.
I resold the video tutorials on Facebook, Sold the videos between N3,000 - N5,000 and got over 160 sales, I made over N600,000 from reselling the video training programs.  I spent around N45,000 on Facebook advert in 2 months.

Become a Reseller, Get started Today.

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